Henn Lab for Population Genetics

BIO 302


An introduction to human genetics. Topics include the principles of inheritance, human population genetics, molecular approaches for studying DNA, the genetic basis of mutations, genetic diversity, using DNA to study ancient human history and human evolution. Human genetic diseases are discussed and an introduction is given to human chromosome maps, the Human Genome Project, and methods for mapping disease mutations. This class is meant to introduce students to the major concepts in human genetic and genomic research. The course will emphasize presentation skills and reading comprehension of current human genetics literature. Students will be evaluated based on a combination of take-home assignments, pop quizzes and a final project based on current scientific journal papers. Limited enrollment to 75 students.


Course Pre/Co-requisites:

BIO 201, BIO 202 core classes are required. BIO 204 [Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry] is advised, but not required.