Henn Lab for Population Genetics

BEE 690

Fall 2013: BEE 690 Graduate Seminar: Modern Human Origins and Migrations

In this graduate seminar we will investigate the genetic, morphological and linguistic basis of modern humans origins and subsequent human dispersals over the past hundred thousand years. The course is designed to be interdisciplinary and will evaluate evidence from multiple scientific fields including genetics, paleoanthropology, archaeology and linguistics. Recent genetic and genomic research will be particularly emphasized, but graduate students of all backgrounds are welcome. We will examine questions such as: did modern anatomy and behavior evolve simultaneously? How many major dispersals occurred Out-of-Africa and was there admixture with other archaic human species at this time? How closely does language track migration and is there a genetic basis for language? How accurately do genetic data date human migrations and population divergences? This seminar course will provide students with sufficient background knowledge to evaluate human genetic research papers and the interdisciplinary (i.e. anthropological) claims they make.